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“No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.”

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As the final project for one of my classes last semester, I created a series of mugshots. I found simply doing the mugshots themselves to be boring so I decided to add something extra- a before photo. Mind you the mugshots themselves aren’t exactly traditional but the other images help create a story. It’s up to you to decide what crimes were committed. I’d love to hear your theories!









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I don’t like to go back and post things that I’ve done in the past but for some reason today I figured, why not. Here’s some of my much older work. Don’t judge me too harshly- I’m pretty sure I’ve come a long way.

I should also note that every one of these images was shot in .jpeg. There are no RAW files.

To begin with: People!


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There will always be a plethora of things that I doubt about myself but there is one thing that will never make it into that category because I know it to be true– I am a great story teller. Be it with the written or spoken word or with photographs, it is my strength and my gift. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember and I don’t believe I’ll ever stop. When I entered my 20’s I was introduced to photography as a new way to tell the stories that I had in my head and over the past few years it has become my favored medium. I’ve played with many different things through personal experimentation and school assignments but I’ve always lingered on the edge of darkness. Hell, sometimes I’ve jumped right over the edge– I’ve created murder scenes, a series of mug shots & relating crimes, fears.. my first solo exhibition involved the dark secrets kept behind closed doors (well, windows) and included domestic abuse, stalking, substance abuse and much more.

But as interesting as drama and conflict are, they aren’t all I’ve had inside. I just haven’t been comfortable sharing the happy, fun side of myself through my photos until now.

Yesterday I had to shoot with my brother’s beautiful girlfriend, Stephanie. She is not a model- she is in fact a lawyer- but you would never be able to tell that from these images. She’s great to work with and we had a ton of fun with a few simple props that helped us forget about the fact that it was 93 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside while we were shooting. I’ll share more later but this little series within a series is too fun to wait.



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It’s so FLUFFY!

I swore I’d never be that person. I obsessively love my bunny, Emilio. He’s a mini Holland Lop, he’s spoiled as all hell and has the most incredible personality– but he won’t sit still for a photo no matter WHAT I try to do. If he sees me, he is moving. I try and creep up behind him, get a shot of him lazing about.. no go. His eyes open, he’s on his feet and he’s hopping toward me with impressive speed. Hell, the fact that he’s still as active as he is is impressive alone- he’s almost 9 years old! So posting photos and bombarding people with Emilio business has never really been something that I could do. Being that fuzzy baby mom who doesn’t shut up about her love wasn’t that much of a problem. A lot of people don’t even know I have Emilio until they come over and learn that he rules the house.

But now. Oh, but now.

Nearly two weeks ago a new furry ball of energy came into my life. His name is Duncan. He is an 8 week old Cavapoo puppy. Guys he weighs 4lbs! In the pet store where we got him (don’t start on me about where to buy him from) he was docile and sleepy and pretty lazy. His first day home he was docile and sleepy and pretty lazy. Now on his eleventh day home, he has already figured out how to get out of not one, or two, but THREE little pen areas that we’ve made for him- & they’re the damn standard things you buy at the store! We’re not talking about some hack job stack of boxes in front of him that he could easily knock over here folks. The little guy is smart! He’s a totally energized terror on four legs for about 90% of the time that he is awake. & I do mean terror in a good way. There are no complaints here about how crazed this puppy is- I love it. He has been providing me with hours of amusement. He POUNCES! Like Simba!! He growls and he grunts and he whines and he barks and he’s afraid of my large stuffed hippo (don’t ask questions) and he sleeps in my lap and I am obsessed. So now, you can be too.

Meet Duncan.


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