Jaymie Lee Photography

“No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.”


Hi there! I guess this is where I welcome you and tell you random information about myself, right? My least favorite task is writing About Me sections, so I’m just going to spout some facts and see where the pieces land!

I’m curious to a fault and I always make a mess.
I typically take much longer than makes sense.
I have a tendency to not sleep.
I watch entirely too many movies and quote them regularly throughout my day.
I’m too honest for my own good.
I talk about things that make most people blush.
I burst into hysterical laughter at all the wrong moments.
Inappropriate jokes are pretty much my specialty.
I love details, and pieces, and parts.
I’m always down for participating in horridly planned adventures that will eventually lead to trouble.
I have my heart set on moving to Austin.
I never accept “because.” as an answer.
I like to think I’m pretty unforgettable.

If all of that interests you, this is what you’ll find here:
my loves, frustrations, excitements, inane thoughts, photos, questions and whatever else is on my mind.
I don’t get political or religious.

Want to find me elsewhere? Try ohIrving (twitter) or jaymieleee (instagram) or colourandmadness (tumblr) folks.


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