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“No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.”


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I don’t like to go back and post things that I’ve done in the past but for some reason today I figured, why not. Here’s some of my much older work. Don’t judge me too harshly- I’m pretty sure I’ve come a long way.

I should also note that every one of these images was shot in .jpeg. There are no RAW files.

To begin with: People!


jumpTAGGED openTAGGED thomas4TAGGED thomasTAGGED

The models pictured are: my mother, my friend Tom, my mother again, & Tom x2!

Now onto Places & Things! You’ll see a bit of my more.. abstract things I suppose you could say.

twoTAGGED oneTAGGEDJaymieDonalty-BestTAGGED heyheyheyTAGGEDmymindTAGGED wawaTAGGED mmmbopTAGGED


& last but not least, a series that I started but never finished but might actually continue working on now.. WHAT GOES BUMP..

bump001TAGGED bump002TAGGED


xo .j



Author: jaymie lee

I am entirely too curious & more than a little messy. I'm really particular about odd things (I think proper punctuation looks funny) but I just take it day by day (sentence by sentence..). I fall in love with details. I’m always down for participating in horridly planned adventures that will eventually lead to trouble. Explore. Dream. Discover.

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